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Our Story

Casa de Comer Salsa is a product that originated out of love and has become a cornerstone to our young and growing family.  Many years ago, when my wife and I began our life's journey together, I was introduced to Mama Lidia’s homemade cooking, amazing authentic Mexican food made fresh every day.   I could see how much Silvia missed her mom’s cooking, especially the fresh salsas that were used to enhance the flavor of those traditional meals.  I took every opportunity I could to join Mama Lidia in the kitchen and learned her ways and recipes.  El Comal was used daily and it was the method used for heating tortillas and roasting salsa.  I, on the other hand, grew up grilling on an open flame.  Over many years of using Mama Lidia’s recipe combined with the flame style of the Central Coast.  I created and perfected a salsa with flavor that was amazingly different.  This new concept gives our salsa a rich, smooth, smoky flavor while keeping the authentic flavors of Mexico.  Casa de Comer Salsa has delightfully enhanced the flavors of our family meals and created a bonding with friends and family.  I am proud to have my kids grow up immersed in it all. We began using our recipe on our food truck for our tri-tip sandwiches.  We knew we had something amazing when we saw people’s reaction to our salsa.  They were pleased and intrigued to know more about the flavor, which seems to evoke emotions from something so familiar.  More and more people were asking to buy the salsa only.  After realizing how much people loved it, we began selling the salsa at school fundraisers and other community gatherings to help support our growing family.  

 Casa de Comer’s dream is to bring Smokin’ Good Salsa from our home to yours.


-Sean Comer

Salsa Creator

 ¡Comer con mucho gusto!

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