Casa de Comer
Smokin' Good Salsa

is hand-crafted, authentic Mexican salsa made in small batches in Santa Barbara, California.  Our Smokin’ Good Salsa is inspired by the
authentic flavors of Mexico and the flame style of the Central Coast.

Casa de Comer prides itself in only using fresh vegetables and all natural ingredients to crafting an authentic Mexican salsa that gives a rich, full body experience. This smokey, smooth, mouth-watering salsa gives a kick of spice at the end that is sure to please!

 Smokin’ Good Salsa is a versatile, yet distinctive salsa. This tasty goodness is for those who don’t get grandma’s authentic Mexican salsa anymore. Smokin’ Good Salsa can be enjoyed by all and eaten on everything!

Just try it!

Now at Gelsons!
Authentic Mexican Salsa

Finding authentic Mexican salsa just got a lot easier. Our delicious Smokin' Good Salsa stocked at all 27 stores of Gelson's Markets. Taste all 3 and add it to your weekly shopping list.  Bring back those quality times spent with family and friends bonding over good food, and add the unique, flame-style taste of our Smokin' Good Salsa to your own kitchen.

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