Our Salsas

authentic mexican salsa med hot signature red

Signature Red

Our original salsa has a rich full body experience, flavors are complementary and balanced.  With a surprisingly pleasing kick of spice at the end.

Golden Green salsa

Golden Green

This tomatillo based salsa is zesty fresh, smooth mouth watering with an unexpected smoky flavor and gentle heat that rises from the back of your palate.  

authentic mexican salsa taquera ahumada

Salsa Taquera Ahumada

This spicy authentic Mexican salsa has a special heat and richness due to its traditional blend of ingredients making it perfect for those who love an extra bit of a kick from first to last taste.


What's inside our salsa?

Our Smokin' Good Salsa has a beautiful, organic color and thickness that people love to see.  The innovative flavors are complementary and balanced.

Together with the flame-style flavor of the Central Coast, any one of the 3, depending on your choice for heat, enhances every meal and is reminiscent of the famous Santa Maria BBQ.

All of our handcrafted salsas are made with all fresh ingredients, no preservatives, gluten free, and are vegan!

Authentic flame grill- no added flavors!

Our salsas are authentic, savory and wholesome. What you see is what you get! There are no added flavors, just rich smokiness that comes from an open flame.  Just try it!

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